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We know that building an art collection can be intimidating and so we aim to create a seamless experience through our step-by-step process:

1. Introduction

Each project requires an individualized approach and it begins by meeting the client and getting to understand his or her desires and needs. This will generally involve a site visit to the client’s home or office to visualize the space and its components.

When building a collection for a new home, we will frequently collaborate with architects/interior designers in order to form a cohesive vision. We believe that it is crucial to appreciate the space, its style and any architectural characteristics before considering possible acquisitions.

For clients who are planning to build a broader collection beyond a single space, the possibilities and considerations increase. In this instance we will work to set goals for the collection as guiding principles in considering works of indeterminate size, style or color.

2. Exploring

After establishing the key parameters and goals for the project, we prepare a custom presentation for our clients that includes a broad selection of artworks by a range of artists. This allows us to hear their feedback so that we can further refine our search to focus on mediums, themes, colors, and elements that evoke a positive response.

David Renggli Painting

After the initial screening, the process continues with guided tours of art fairs, galleries, museums, auction houses and artists' studios. Through these visits, we aim to familiarize our clients with art valuation and to help them develop an eye for what they like so that we can begin to consider possible key pieces for the collection.

3. Research & Acquisition

Our experience provides us access to an extensive selection of artworks, including the ability to procure commissioned pieces. We will arrange private viewings for works that are under consideration and we can also organize for a work to be brought to a client’s home to be seen in situ. Apart from art galleries, we also regularly take our clients to art fairs and auction sales; as many larger industry events can be large and overwhelming, we always visit in advance and curate a selection to be seen.

Upon identifying a potential acquisition, we conduct a thorough review of the condition, provenance and history of the piece. We also research the artist more broadly to understand his or her career trajectory with respect to both artistic quality and value. We do this by studying prior comparable sales and auction records and through dialogue with our network of experts. Our research goes beyond auction databases as we also will review exhibition catalogues, catalogue raisonné, art critic reviews, and other publications.

Most importantly, we believe that the entire process should be transparent and accessible. We are committed to sharing our findings and analyses in as much detail as our clients desire.

4. Collection Management

The advisory provides a ‘nail-to-nail’ service. Once an artwork has been purchased, we assist with the shipping, framing, installation, and lighting, and can also advise on insurance related matters. All works purchased by our clients are catalogued to keep track of every acquisition.


For works needing restoration, we are able to provide recommendations for fine art professionals globally. If a museum or institution is interested in having a work on loan, we handle the necessary contracts, logistics, and formalities. We are also able to provide guidance for clients who are interested in selling artworks by working with trusted appraisers and advising on the most appropriate venue.

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