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Our mission is to help collectors navigate the art world and to guide the discovery of pieces which have individual meaning to them. We aim to curate a collection that exhibits consistency, coherence and a collective dialogue. 


We work with aspiring collectors and those looking to build upon established collections, and everyone in between. Our goal is to provide a seamless process for both those who are just beginning to explore the art market and also experienced collectors who value added insight and logistical coordination. We invite our clients to access our network of relationships and leverage our connoisseurship in advising on artists, quality, provenance, and price.


The art world is constantly changing as trends and styles evolve. We live and breathe this world and believe that it is crucial to remain apprised of exhibitions, events and other happenings in order to best advise our clients. We pride ourselves on using this knowledge to find emerging talent before those artists obtain international recognition.


We help collectors navigate the art world effortlessly and transparently in order for them to visualize and ultimately acquire the collection they desire; we aim to explore varied artistic mediums in a way that encourages a cohesive conversation among the works and their environment. Through the journey of art collecting, we want to encourage our clients to develop a sensibility towards art and discover their own taste and aesthetic.

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